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Parapet Repairs

Varley and Gulliver has launched a email to provide our customers with quicker access to the repair team. Repairs often require a quick response to bring the infrastructure back to its original condition, especially following accident damage. Our repair team will survey, quote and organise the repair. Many repairs that are being carried out will inevitably result in a loss of life due to them not being in line with the repaired systems design parameters. For an explanation of Legacy systems and their owners and who should repair what, please follow this link.

Latest News

A tested, approved and CE Marked Vehicle Restraint System could fail in real life conditions. Dont put yourself on the wrong side of the corporate homicide act. more... CE Marking What is it; do we need it. more... Quality more… Innovation Bridge parapet with integrated noise barrier more… Training We have launched the first of our training videos to help mitigate potential non-conformances.

Bridge Parapets

The company offer a range of systems complying with the European standard EN 1317 and the American standard NCHRP 350 and MASH.

Pedestrian Barriers

Varley and Gulliver produce a range of standard pedestrian restraint systems in aluminium and steel in accordance with BS 7818, TR 1317 and Eurocodes.

Passive Sign Supports

HiMast™ provides an alternative to the traditional structural steel poles that are protected by safety barrier.
An unauthorised repair to a CE Marked system Clearly this is wrong. Dissimilar geometry from two different systems Welding of joints here is not an option on this system. Further, the joint is dissimilar and the welding poor Incorrect brackets that will place excessive stress on the rails

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