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Manufacturer of bridge parapets, pedestrian parapets
and passive sign supports.

A leading manufacturer of bridge parapets, pedestrian barriers and passive sign supports.

Varley and Gulliver has been the UK's premier manufacturer of both aluminium and steel bridge parapets to the civil engineering industry for over 40 years.

The company was started shortly after the First World War, with the main business based around the fabrication of sheet metal parts for the motorcycle industry, a growth area at that time. From that grew a quality engineering business that adapted to a rapidly changing world and continue to keep abreast of developing technology.

Today, Varley and Gulliver’s products are sought after around the world and the company is renowned for its knowledge, experience and integrity.

Save time and money by involving Varley and Gulliver in the early design of schemes. With the help of their sister company Hill and Smith they can provide seamless connections between bridge parapets and Flexbeam safety barrier.

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Parapet Assessment and Identification. Want to know what system you have.

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